Travels make your day helathy one

A woman who took her 6-year-old daughter backpacking around the world says it’s been a “wonderful bonding experience.”

Evie Farrell, 43, a single mother of one from Sydney, Australia, decided to pack up and leave her 9-to-5 life with youngster Emmie after a close friend died of cancer.

The pair set off in February with about $22,800 in savings, and they have seen a whole host of far-flung places including: the Philippines to Taiwan, Malaysian Borneo, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, London, Paris and China.

Evie, a public relations consultant, asked Emmie’s dad for permission before they jetted off and says he is “happy for us to travel together.”

UP ON THE BLOG:  This is Emmie snorkelling on Lady Elliot Island at four years old. It’s on Australia’s Southern Great Barrier Reef and in a protected green zone. It’s the most amazing island – one side is a lagoon where turtles swim around and play, and black and white tipped reef sharks zoom past  The other side is deep water for diving and snorkel safaris – on our last trip Emmie and I saw hundreds of manta rays up so close as they swam past us, feeding on a tidal line of plankton. Turtles nest here, and we’ve seen the babies hatching. It’s the most amazing place, we’ve stayed three times and Emmie started snorkelling here at four years old. A lot of the staff are young women studying marine biology and they are such great role models for children. Kids are so capable. Lady Elliot is remains one of our most favourite places and I would love you to experience it too, so try and get there if you can  you can read more about it on our blog – link in profile above!